Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing


Worried therapy is going to be a large and long time commitment? Intimidated by having to tell your story over and over again? Discouraged that you'll just continue to manage or mask your struggles instead of really overcome them?

Allow me to help you make more progress in a short period of time and truly resolve your stuff! Ask to learn about and incorporate EMDR into your treatment, you'll thank yourself!

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) combines images, thoughts, feelings, and body sensations with bi-lateral stimulation to get triggers "un-stuck" and actually resolved!!

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"EMDR is the best therapy I have ever done...I've seen results I've never gotten before... It addresses triggers I didn't realize bothered me... You can't avoid your feelings or mask like you can with talk therapy...The process reduces the power of the experience, makes it manageable, and have an understanding why..."

"Other therapies are a cover up... don't get rid of the root of it...(other therapies) help you cope but you still have it"

“I have tried many kinds of therapy before, including talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, but nothing has helped me as much as EMDR. It really is an incredible therapeutic option. Sara was instrumental in leading me through this therapy. She was incredibly understanding and non-judgmental during my therapeutic process and remains a strong support to me when I need “refresher” sessions. I would highly recommend EMDR and Sara Peterson to anyone looking into therapy.”

"Words can't describe how Sara has changed my life. The person I was for the last few years is almost unrecognizable to me now. I feel more like my true self than I ever have. The EMDR & Sara's counseling has transformed me into a stronger, healthier, happier human being (or woman, if u prefer) & practitioner. Our sessions have not only reinforced positive belief systems & erased shame, guilt & pain around traumatic experiences, but they have put me back on a healing path & probably saved my life."

“I sought some guidance from Sara after an abusive relationship left me in complete disrepair. I was unfamiliar with EMDR therapy and quite frankly a bit skeptical. I can't tell you how this therapy works but I can say it's had a huge and positive impact on my life. Trauma that I experienced as a child and in my relationship was at times debilitating. I used EMDR, and the negative effects of my experiences have receded substantially.These events just don't haunt me as they once did. This treatment has helped me recover, and inspired in me a new sense of hope.”

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