Grounding techniques

techniques can be used to feel more present and alert when experiencing forms
of dissociation, which are commonly described as feeling “out of body”, numb,
or “checked out”. Here are a few
examples of effective grounding exercises.

Use your five senses: Pay attention to what you
are feeling (your body in the chair, feet on the ground), hearing (close and
far), seeing (shapes and colors), smelling (pay attention to your breath), and
tasting (pay attention to swallowing your saliva).

Make like a tree: EMDR guided tree
meditation directs an individual to visualize a tree, imagine stepping into it,
and feeling your body encompass the roots into the ground (feet), the strength
of the stump (core), and the stretch of the branches (arms, hands, head). Take deep breaths and follow your inhale and
exhale from roots to tips and back again.

Sweet and sour: Put something in your mouth
that is hot, cold, spicy, sweet or sour to alert your brain to pay attention!

Posted on February 13, 2013 and filed under PTSD, DBT, awareness, EMDR, grounding.