Refocus in 2015

2014 was a year of transition with my private practice. I reduced my hours in my position with the State of Colorado and decided that 2014 would be "my year of business development"! I read a lot of books about how bad therapists are at business management so I was determined to learn how to market and build a small business. I networked, focused energy on keeping up my website, social media, presence in local communications, and spent lots of time and money on marketing materials, presenting at events, and the list goes on.  Let me preface my new focus with this- I love and am so grateful for the people that I met while pursuing this "business development" as well as the experiences that I had participating in numerous local events.  I realized, however, throughout the year that my business continued to grow based on word of mouth referrals and collegial relationships, and that I am pretty good at being a therapist, and I was getting pretty burned out on doing things I am truly not very good at (designing flyers, blogging (ahem), redesigning my office, etc). 

As many of us do, I spent some time over the new year to assess where I am at (personally and professionally) and some goals I would like to accomplish in the next year. I starting planning some personal health goals as well as budgeting out some trainings that I would like to attend.  As I was going through this process, I felt excited, passionate, rejuvenated just thinking about these goals! I realized that my 2015 goals differed from 2014 because they were more about developing ME than developing business.  AHA!!! Big aha moment for me.  

As a health professional, it is important to ensure that we are taking care of ourselves in order to truly be the healthiest and best providers we can be. While I thought I was doing a pretty good job of this, this moment made me realize I can do better! For those of you that know me, you know that I drive this idea home with my clients- "how are you taking care of yourself?", "how can you nurture yourself?", "what are your passions and interests and how are you cultivating them?", and so on.... So I am taking my own advice folks!! The year of 2015 will be of developing me- and you wanna know what? I bet if I do this, my business will develop right along with me. Yup. 

I wanted to share this not only because I am just so excited but also in hopes that this may relate to someone else and be just as helpful to them too.   

Happy 2015 and to a year of truly loving and developing thyself! 

Posted on January 6, 2015 .