The unintended rewards of the "staycation"

Staycation has become a household term and is a growing trend. However, there are many more benefits than just saving money!  I'd like to share what I Iearned personally on my recent Stay. 

Allowing time to do whatever your soul desires.  This concept is much like "as soon as I accept myself just the way I am, then I can change"... Instead of scheduling in too many activities, or outlining too many tasks to accomplish on your "cation", I recommend checking in with yourself, mind and body, each day to see what feels right to you.  Rest, have fun, be productive, a little of all- but only if you feel like it!  I know! Sounds perfect, and ideal, and a little foreign.  I promise you that if you allow yourself proper rest, you will be productive!  And that changes the intent from "if I don't accomplish this, I'm bad" to "I really feel like doing this!".  And you will.  I know very few people that don't desire productivity once they've received enough rest.  So similarly, if we accept ourselves as is (rest, no judgement, no "shoulds"), then we make positive change (productivity). (Note: I am currently writing a blog, updating our website, and completing our next newsletter on my Staycation because I've rested and played, and am now productive!)

Gratitude. Staying put allows us the opportunity to love our surroundings. You can enjoy your home, your backyard, or be a tourist in your own town!  We don't have to travel to be tourists- its fun, try it! We think we know our areas, but being a local is different than treating it as though you are traveling.  Heart, soul, home, gratitude. 

Cultivating relationships. How many friends have you been meaning to see? Live super close by, but yet still can't seem to put together that happy hour, coffee, or hike?  Staying put allows for time off to be social locally.  Sometimes I see relatives out of state more often than in-state because I have to plan the travel to see them, or vice versa.  So take this non-travel time to see your neighbors, friends, and local family.  

Bonuses: No packing! No exhausting travel! No house or dog sitting necessary!

What have you learned from your staycation?

Posted on May 15, 2018 and filed under conifercolorado, baileycolorado, aspenparkcolorado.