The Myths of Mindfulness


It’s all the buzz!  But what is it really?  I mean, I don’t have time to sit quiet for hours, nor can my mind get totally clear, so.... I’m not doing it.  Sound familiar?  We’d like to dispell myths about mindfulness and help you establish your practice of it- after all, 20 minutes per day (does not HAVE to be all at one time) significantly decreases depression and anxiety- so let’s get on it!

What mindfulness ISN’T:

  • It is not meant to totally “clear” your mind
  • It does not have to take more than a moment
  • You do not HAVE to pray, meditate, or visualize
  • You do not HAVE to sit cross legged or “ohm”
  • You do not HAVE to wear yoga pants
  • You do not HAVE to be a Buddhist monk

What mindfulness IS:

  • It is being present
  • It is noticing
  • It is being objective
  • It can be simple
  • It can take only a moment

Okay then, how do I DO mindfulness?!  There are many exercises that can be utilized to be present, grounded, and mindful.  Here are a couple of our faves:

  • For the next four exhales, state in your mind to yourself, “I am exhaling”
  • Without censoring it name the activity you are doing right now, “I am walking/reading/washing dishes”
  • Name (and describe objectively if you wish) what you are seeing, hearing, physically feeling, smelling and tasting

That’s it!!! You just DID mindfulness!!  Congrats on the start to your mindfulness practice and journey ❤️

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Written by: Sara Peterson

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