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Adventures in 2016

Last year at this time, I wrote a blog about focusing on and developing MYSELF rather than just my business. I wanted to take this time to report some accomplishments from that goal as well as what I hope's to come in 2016! 

While I can continue to improve, I did spend a lot of time on myself in 2015.  And as projected, my business continued to grow and evolve along side. I also learned that the more I respected my time and boundaries, the more my clients did- WUT? Yes, not only did my clients respect me more, but again, my business flourished. Prior to 2015, I would remain available by phone and email during vacations- I didn't want to lose new clients by taking time off!  Welp, this year, I took two vacations where I shut it all down.  You guessed it, I actually gained clients during those weeks! 

I don't just want to talk about how my business benefits from me taking care of me.  I would like to share that I spent quite a bit of time, energy, and $$ this year on my health and wellness. I learned more about myself emotionally and physically and made some life changes to try to address these issues. It's hard sometimes to spend money on health services and products, but I (and YOU are too!) am a priority. So, I spent some time looking at what I do/did prioritize in my budget and what I would like to prioritize in my budget: my health. 

Don't let anyone shame you (especially yourself!) for spending money (within your budget of course) on your health or for choosing healthy options in your life!  

As an extrovert, I love services that include others and physical touch.  So, massages, facials, acupuncture, and chiropractic are huge for me in addition to talk therapy. I have also realized how much diet impacts my energy and moods.  I post about this often, but I cannot stress enough how much food impacts our vitamin levels, which impact our hormone levels, which impact our energy, moods, blood sugar which then impacts everything back again.  Our bodies are a system, so don't think for second that you can get totally healthy without addressing it all. 

Okay, this is where I stop droning on and give you some useful links! 

Eating for mood links I love:

Exercise options in the foothills I love:

Alternative therapy options in the foothills I love:


Oh! So I didn't talk about my adventures in 2016!  In addition to continuing self care and development, I hope to move in to private practice ONLY!  I can't wait.....TO BE CONTINUED

New office location in Pine Junction

I've moved again!  I am now in a roomy and cozy office, with a view!, in Pine Junction.  Don't worry, I still have a location in Conifer too! This way, I am accessible to multiple towns along the 285 corridor.  I am so excited, this is a great move and my clients seem to really like it too.  Check out some pictures of my new digs...and of me enjoying it too ;) 

woohoo! I'm official

woohoo! I'm official


Eating Disorder Resources by Becky Ruhter


Getting help recovering from an eating disorder is a difficult process. In addition to professional treatment, some people recovering from an eating disorder may wish to seek additional support. Other times, the family members or friends of someone recovering from an eating disorder may feel confused and unsure of how to help their loved one. There is a plethora of information on eating disorders that exists both in print and online. Unfortunately, some of that information may be triggering, misguided, or simply unhelpful. Fortunately, not all of the information on eating disorders consists of glamorizing symptoms or boasting about dangerously low weights. Many helpful resources exist for people suffering from eating disorders and their loved ones to help them better navigate the world of recovery. 

Physical Services: 

The Eating Disorder Center of Denver

The Eating Disorder Center of Denver is a treatment center that focuses on empowering the client and helping them discover their identity beyond their eating disorder. They not only offer treatment to individuals with eating disorders, but they also provide resources for families as well. The organization’s blog also contains informative articles on eating disorders.

The Eating Disorder Foundation

The Eating Disorder Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to eliminate eating disorders through education, advocacy, and support. They also assist those who may be struggling with an eating disorder and provide services such as drop-in support, support groups, and directories for professional treatment. Their website includes information about eating disorders as well as links to helpful resources.


National Eating Disorders Association

NEDA is a non-profit organization created with the mission of educating communities about eating disorders as well as providing support to eating disorder patients and their families. The organization’s helpline operates five days a week to assist those seeking treatment resources. The website’s blog lists local and national NEDA events as well as advice to those in recovery and family members who wish to help a loved one with an eating disorder.

We Bite Back

Some people may prefer the anonymity of an online support group. Founded in 2006, We Bite Back was created with the intention of offering online support to people with any eating disorder at any stage of recovery.

Recovery Warriors

Recovery Warriors initially began with the development of the Rise Up + Recover app as a tracking tool to be used by anyone in the early stages of recovery. With the app, the user can track their food intake and record any thoughts they may be having. They can also make a record of any time they perform a behavior associated with eating disorders and record the thoughts and feelings that may have triggered the behavior. Due to the success of the app, the developer, Jessica Raymond, created a podcast and website devoted to educating people about eating disorders and providing inspiration and resources to those in recovery.


Goodbye ED, Hello Me by Jenni Schaefer

In this memoir, Jenni Schaefer details her journey to finding freedom from her eating disorder (referred by her as “Ed”) by providing not only a personal account of her recovery success, but by also imparting practical advice for those looking to begin their own journey. Schaefer’s advice and encouragement inspires readers to set themselves free from destructive behaviors with food and to fall in love again with life.  

Don’t Diet, Live It by Andrea Wachter and Marsea Marcus

This workbook, created by two licensed therapists who have also recovered from their own struggles with food and weight, is designed to help those in the early stages of recovery challenge maladaptive beliefs about food and weight. Each chapter focuses on a specific lesson that is important to recovery (for example, learning how to think in multiple options as opposed to black and white, learning how to set healthy boundaries whether they happen to be with food or with other people, and challenging the notion that happiness can be obtained with outer solutions rather than looking inward). At the end of each chapter, the reader is encouraged to answer thought-provoking questions that can help inspire the reader to develop new behaviors and thought patterns. 


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