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The Myths of Mindfulness

It’s all the buzz!  But what is it really?  I mean, I don’t have time to sit quiet for hours, nor can my mind get totally clear, so.... I’m not doing it.  Sound familiar?  We’d like to dispell myths about mindfulness and help you establish your practice of it- after all, 20 minutes per day (does not HAVE to be all at one time) significantly decreases depression and anxiety- so let’s get on it!

Healthy mind, healthy body (and vice versa)

Here are some healthy living ideas to integrate into your routine to improve moods and emotions:

1) Eat for your mood.

2) Take vitamins for mood and energy.

3) Practice yoga and relaxation skills daily.  There are so many relaxation, meditation, mindfulness skills- pick the skills you like best and practice, practice, practice!

Please comment and share your healthy living practices and/or resources.