Talk about it



My posts about suicide get the least looks, likes, and shares.  I understand that the topic is not “fun” to read about and can even be uncomfortable.  But it is so so so so important!  Unfortunately, an event in my home town and two in my current town (and actually 30,000 per year in the U.S.) have prompted me to post this again.  And my pledge is to post it more often and to include some reference about suicide in all of my newsletters.  

This might be the most important message I can share:  

You CAN (and should) talk about suicide!  You will NOT encourage someone to do it by talking about it.  It is quite the opposite really.  If someone doesn’t want to hurt or kill themselves, talking about it will NOT make them want to.  If someone is thinking about it, talking about it may allow them to see that someone is available to support them without shame or judgment.  

We talk about self defense and how to protect ourselves from harm from others, so.... why wouldn't we do the same regarding self harm or suicide???

You may just save a life by talking about it.

My drive is to help others start, if you haven’t already, having open conversations about emotions, moods, depression, support, and suicide.  I will be updating the blog often to have more information about myths and facts as well as links to other articles and resources.  Please reach out if you would like more information, to talk, or help in finding a local support.