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The beauty of EMDR

This weekend something so powerful occurred in my office and I have to share! 

I have a client who has completed several EMDR sessions.  (If you'd like more of an idea of what these sessions are like, I will soon be posting a video series!)  She has processed a significant amount of messages throughout her childhood that she is not loveable, that she must earn love, that she is not good enough.  We moved on to installing her positive belief system- I am loveable, I am enough.  She got a bit stuck in her childhood because she could still feel her parents presence and their negative messages.  I asked her what she needed to be able to help her get unstuck.  She said that she wanted to tell herself the positive messages.  So we started some bilateral stimulation....    

Organically and naturally, this session became about this client "re-parenting" her childhood self.  She went through the memories surfacing from infancy to adolescence and allowed her adult self to tell her childhood self, "You are not bad", "You are okay, we are okay".  As the sets continued, she began to see herself supporting her childhood self, such as attending one of her school performances.  She felt herself hold her childhood self's hand and hug her childhood self.  

It was remarkable. Powerful. Amazing.  She gave herself what she did not receive as a child. This is what EMDR does that traditional talk therapy cannot.  When allowed, the brain and body give a person exactly what they need to heal.   

Feel free to contact me for more information, resources, and/or a demonstration of EMDR.   

Follow up to this blog:  my client said she had an AMAZING week!  Any time she had a rough moment she used her visualization from last session to help her through.  Her self care also skyrocketed this week- exercise, healthy eating, and taking time for herself.  So thrilled for her!

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EMDR 102

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is effective, like really effective.

After a recent Twitter conversation about healing trauma, favorite methods, and posting success stories; I decided instead of posting how I think EMDR has been powerful to use with my clients, I would ask my clients their are some success statements:

"EMDR is the best therapy I have ever done...I've seen results I've never gotten before... It addresses triggers I didn't realize bothered me... You can't avoid your feelings or mask like you can with talk therapy...The process reduces the power of the experience, makes it manageable, and have an understanding why..."

"Other therapies are a cover up... don't get rid of the root of it...(other therapies) help you cope but you still have it"

If you'd like to read more about this treatment and research about its effectiveness click here

If you have your own EMDR or other trauma healing success story, please share in comments!

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I recently received a very touching and powerful email from a former client that I feel privileged to be able to share:

"I want to thank you for your help. I had done counseling before but I really feel like I made more progress working with you. You were awesome and I continue to use the tools and tricks you taught me. Sometimes, you're the voice in my head. In a good way of course!  It's been an exciting few months, but also challenging and sad in some ways. But, I am honestly looking forward to the future and feel like I'm better equipped to handle it because of you."

Helping others become healthier and feel better about themselves is why I do this!

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