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Fall 2014 Groups!

Check out all the groups we will be providing for our mountain communities starting September 2014!

All groups will be held at Community in Pine Junction.

Domestic Violence: Surviving to Thriving: 

In order to provide the utmost safety and confidentiality, this group will be held at an undisclosed location, date, and time. Please contact me for further information. 

Grief and Loss: 

One of the most profound experiences in life, is grief. And yet there are few places we can talk candidly and openly about this great loss.  Join us every other Thursday, as we dialog authentically about the loss/es in our lives.  Facilitated by Certified Grief Counselor and Art Therapist, Eugenia Krok, MA who comes with 5 years in the field and Kelli Gilchrist Licensed Professional Counselor/Firefighter with 5 years experience, we will provide a safe place for this vulnerable topic.

Every other Thursday evening from September 4th to December 11th.

$30 drop-in or $25 pre-pay ($200/8 sessions).  Register and pay by clicking here!

Family Workshop: 

Multi-family group is a one-day, 8 hour therapeutic group. Join other families to learn about roles and patterns, improve communication, reduce conflict, and enhance healthy skills and relationships. Leave the day with specific skills like "fair fighting", communication techniques, ways to manage child and adolescent behavior, and knowledge of your family's strengths and successes. 

November 1st, 9am-5:30 pm

$15 per hour per person for first two family members, $10 for each additional family member

($240 for family of two, $320 for a family of three, $400 for a family of four)

Register and pay by clicking here!

Girls Circle: 

A structured support group for girls from 9-18 years which integrates relational theory, resiliency practices, and skills training. Designed to increase positive connection, strengths, and competence in girls. 

Wednesday evenings from September 24th to November 12th.

$30 drop-in or $25 pre-pay ($200/8 sessions).  Register and pay by clicking here!

 Contact Me for more information or if you have any questions.  



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Girls Circle Fall 2014

Does your daughter struggle with these symptoms? Support and therapeutic intervention can be exceptionally successful to help them cope and move forward into adulthood without such a struggle. 

Our Girls Circle group has been praised as "the only time I've ever really opened up", "made her beam with smiles", and "helped her change so much". 

This group is a great way to provide your daughter with peer support and skills to cope with numerous self esteem, social, anxiety or depression concerns. 

This group has been so successful, we are facilitating another 8 weeks this fall!  The group will run on Wednesday evenings from September 24- November 12.  

Contact me to register or to ask any questions.