Meet Tara Saya, MA, NCC, LPCC

After spending twenty years working and managing within the Colorado child welfare system, Tara returned to school to obtain her Master of Arts in Counseling. Tara desires to make a more direct impact on families by providing effective services in our mountain communities. While exploring the most recent and effective interventions, Tara learned the Neurofeedback is a leading treatment utilizing brain science to produce significant outcomes. Since Tara hails as a brief and solution focused therapist, this intervention became her area of specialization.


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Tara is also passionate about keeping families safe and together. In this vein, she manages Conifer Counseling’s parenting and family programs, specifically our community based Love and Logic program (in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Clubs of the High Rockies since 2017). Tara is a step-mother and mother to four girls between the ages of 5 and 22! This, in addition to her experience in the child welfare system, makes Tara an expert and ally in the field of parenting.