I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (2012) and am passionate about its efficiency and effectiveness.  EMDR creates an opportunity for individuals to organically resolve the barriers, burdens, and negative belief systems that they carry and that impact their ability to really move forward in the way they want.  Common issues treated with EMDR include: victimization (historic or recent), sleep disturbances, anxiety, fear/phobias, and grief/loss.  The cost for a 50-minute session is $100; the cost for an 80-minute session is $135.

Adolescent Individual Counseling

Being a teen (or tween!) comes with challenges. Learning healthy coping skills and a new, positive belief system early helps set teens up for a lifetime of success. I utilize a strength based approach with Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral techniques to assist teens toward health. At times, I also utilize EMDR (see above). Some common issues teens face (and I treat) include: depression, stress/anxiety, self harm, suicidality, self esteem, social, academic, and behavioral issues. I treat children and adolescents over the age of 7. The cost for a 50-minute session is $100.

Adult Individual Counseling

Adults tend to reach out for treatment when they feel stuck- stuck meeting a goal(s), in their career, relationships or love.  I provide a grounding and authentic environment, utilize a client-centered approach aligned with Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral techniques to assist adults in their journey. When appropriate, I utilize EMDR (see above). Some issues adult seek treatment for are: depression (including suicidality), anxiety, relationship problems, childhood or recent trauma, poor self-esteem, lack of social connection, insufficient coping skills, and sleep disorders. The cost for a 50-minute session is $100.

I am an out-of-network provider for all insurance companies.  I am more than happy to provide you with a form for Insurance Reimbursement. I am also able to accept funding from the following resources: Second Wind Fund, Mountain Resource Center, Victim Compensation Funds (all jurisdictions), Park and Jefferson County Core Services, Division of Youth Corrections, Senate Bill- 94 11th Judicial District, Adolescent and Adult Probation (statewide).

Contact me to find out about other services I provide such as parenting, group, training, and consultation.